A Christmas Prayer

This prayer came to us from the Rev. Canon Ralph Frye of the Reformed Episcopal Church. May you and your families celbrate a holy and blessed Christmas together!

God, we are as confounded as Joseph and Mary,
as busy as the innkeepers,
as lonely as the shepherds,
as frightened as Herod,
as wayfaring as the Magi.
Turn us again to the place where,
with quietness,
you wrap up your truth and promise,
your love and salvation in the Child born in a crude barn.
We ponder these things as the noise and clamor of the world
are stilled for a time,
and there is a peace that settles deep within us.
Bring us to Bethlehem,
to the place where Jesus was homeless
but where we are truly at home.


2 thoughts on “A Christmas Prayer”

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