Ready to Roll


            Life has certainly not been standing still for us since Christie and I made our pilgrimage to Tennessee to be received into the Reformed Episcopal Church!  It hasn’t stood still for the Anglican churches either.  The Common Cause Partnership that has joined disparate Anglican groups in America and Canada into the beginnings of a united church is making headlines all over.  Some are lauding it as the renewal of biblically orthodox Christianity in the West.  Others are concerned that the gaps to be filled are too numerous, doubtful this thing’s going to work.  Many folks are waiting and watching before they place their bets or tip their hands.  There’s an awful lot of excitement and an awful lot of tentativeness.


            Well, lately Christie and I know the feeling.  We were given the charge of planting a parish here in Wilson, North Carolina.  And though there is much to be done, we have rolled up our sleeves and begun to build.  Sunday our bishop will be with us to celebrate the Eucharist and to do Confirmations.  We are thrilled that he’s coming and thrilled about all of our who-would-bet-on-this, frightening and wonderful possibilities.  Wilson’s never had a church like what we are envisioning.  We have a passion for seeing folks experience the wholeness and life that is in Jesus.  We are committed to a biblical faith and the ancient practices of the Church.  And we invite you to join us in this risky venture in the Lord.  Check out the “Special Announcement” tab above for info.


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