Throne Zone

This weekend I was blessed to teach at Throne Zone (I know, I know, Throne Zone!), a really great worship conference in Virginia Beach. Tyler came with me to play keyboard. We were thrilled at the invitation and even more thrilled at the reception we received. Now, this is the land of the flag-waving, dancing, prophetic worship, free praise for an hour crowd of all-out charismatics. This is also the land of the pastor who raised me and many old and new friends. I learn so much from being around these folks and their heart for God. I also have to remind myself that my collar is as strange to some of them as flags and banners and shofars are to some of us! The folks were wonderful, services great, the presence of the Lord refreshing.

I promised some folks that I’d post the PDFs of the notes for the four breakout sessions I taught. Here they is.

Redeemer folks interested in hearing the sessions, let me know. I have CDs as well.


How To Build Your Free Praise Vocabulary

The Ancient Christian Practice of Chanting the Psalms

Praying the Scriptures through Lectio Divina

How Singing Fills us with Word and Spirit



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