A letter from IJM President Gary Haugen

I know that a message about a difficult and dark battle ahead isn’t typical “Christmas letter” reading. But I also know you’ll care about the new fight IJM is entering in Pampanga, the Philippines – so I hope you’ll take just a few moments for this short update.

For years, traffickers and pimps have held the upper hand in Pampanga. They abuse girls and women with impunity. Many criminals are actually protected by the people in power. That’s why we opened our 15th field office there earlier this year.

The battle will be difficult. It will be dangerous and dark. But it’s worth it, because there are real lives on the line – women and girls who are desperately waiting for help.

I invite you to read my full letter to get the update on how my colleagues in the Philippines are already changing lives, and meet Josie*, a courageous young woman who is now living in safety after being rescued from the traffickers who sold and abused her.

But the truth is, more girls like Josie are waiting for help right now, and you have the power to do something. If you haven’t already done so, will you make a year-end gift to IJM so that we can rescue more children and families from violence? My team and I know that if you help us, we can stay in the fight in Pampanga until the doors on the brothels trafficking girls are locked for good, the neon signs advertising girls for sale come down and a new kind of light floods the city.

Thank you for standing with us.

With joy,

signature - gary haugen

Gary A. Haugen
President & CEO, International Justice Mission


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