From the Colvins, Part Two

Davao Traffic
Getting around the city is an adventure. The above photo illustrates some of the craziness: A lumbering truck blows past a “tricicab” loaded with passengers, rattling the makeshift jeep window that is attached to the front of the ramshackle contraption. A daring bicyclist follows in the truck’s wake, darting into available spaces with nonchalant disregard for his own life. We have seen several U-turns in bumper-to-bumper traffic from the far right lane to the far opposite lane on a 4-lane road! Jeepneys act like they own the road, and brash pedestrians cross in the middle of traffic as though in a game of Frogger. We are not sure yet whether we’ll be getting a vehicle or relying on taxis, jeepneys, and our feet to get around – we’ll make a decision after we’ve been here for a month or two. We admit we both find the idea of driving in Davao very daunting!
Praise God!
* The flight was perfect. No delays, no trouble. The worst thing that happened was a spilled cup of orange juice. Even when it appeared that one of our suitcases had been lost between Manila and Davao, an airline worker appeared at the last minute wheeling it behind him. And at customs and immigration, things could not have been smoother.
*The Lord has provided a wonderful place for us to live, in a great location between the birth center and Faith Academy. It is spacious and quiet and the other missionaries all agree that it is a fantastic bargain. We move in next week!
* The Lord has given us friends and fellow servants to minister to our needs in the first week. We are especially thankful for Krys and Matt McNeil, the directors of the birth center, who have hosted us in their home, driven us around the city, and assisted in countless ways with the preparations to set up our household. Matt M. has also been doing his best to get Matt C. addicted to coffee.
* We are all healthy and jet lag is only a memory now.
Prayer Requests:
* That we would quickly learn the ropes of getting around Davao and grow in ease and ability with the culture.
* That the needed repairs to our rental house – carpentry to deal with wood-eating bugs, repainting, and cleaning of windows, tile, and screens – would all go smoothly, and that the house would be a blessing to others beyond our family.
* For Matt’s classes at Faith Academy, which start on Tuesday.
* For our homeschooling of our own kids.
Our kids will be sleeping on bamboo bunk beds like this one belonging to the Ray family here in Davao. 
Our girls outside the gate to the apartments where we will live. Naomi was delighted to find coconuts – fallen from real cocounut trees! – on the ground outside the gate.

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