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Dear Paul,

More than 100 men and women freedToday is National Human Trafficking Awareness Day, and we are celebrating freedom. Just this week in India, 149 children, women and men have been freed from a life of slavery.

When our partner Jana Jagriti Kendra first called us about the case, they believed three families were enslaved in the brick kiln. So we were all shocked to find more than ten times as many families trapped there.

The momentum is building, and we’re helping transform entire systems to bring more rescue. A few days ago, the Indian government asked IJM to train local police officers on how to combat slavery throughout a whole state – that’s more than 12,000 police officers. Fighting slavery has never before been part of the state’s official training. These local police are the critical first-responders, and now they will be equipped with the knowledge they need to stop slavery in their communities. It’s a huge step forward.

We know the problem of slavery is massive, but we are seeing rescue and change happen on a bigger scale than ever before.

Thank you for celebrating freedom with us at the start of this new year. We can’t wait to bring freedom to more families and help transform the systems that protect entire communities.

EMAIL - SMathew Signature Transparent
Saju Mathew
Director of Operations, South Asia

P.S. Read more about this week’s rescue operation that freed dozens of slaves – including one girl who was only 3 years old.


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