Missions Update from the Colvins – Part Two

Sora started working at the birth clinic at the end of January. She is enjoying “catching” babies again after a four month hiatus. Sora attended more births during her three 8 hour shifts this week than she usually did in a month in Ohio!

 On her first shift, Sora was able to help another midwife’s patient whose baby was so severely tongue-tied that she was not able to breastfeed. Click here to read the story.

On January 7, Matt started teaching his two classes at Faith Academy Mindanao: 10th grade New Testament Survey and an elective course on Roman History. He is having a blast with them!

 Are you smarter than a 10th grader? Download a sample quiz from the New Testament class here.

Praise God!

 * Our homeschooling and Matt’s Faith Academy teaching are going well.

 * God has provided us with a good vehicle, a 2001 Toyota Revo, which we will purchase this weekend from another missionary family returning to the USA.

 * Faith Academy has graciously allowed Ezekiel (11) to play up on the middle school basketball team. He started their first game and made 2 jumpers and a number of good passes.

 * We have been blessed by many new friends at the school, the birth center, and the church we’re attending. Matt even has a regular tennis buddy.

Prayer Requests:

 * For our kids, especially Ezekiel, that they would adjust to living in the Philippines and continue to make friends.

 * That God would guide Sora as she teaches her first class for student midwives at the birth clinic next week.

 * We submitted our application for long-term missionary visas in January. Pray that they will be processed before we are required to renew our short-term visitor visas (at great expense!) at the beginning of March.

 * For safety and God’s hand protecting us as we drive a vehicle on the streets of Davao City.


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