ARDF Update


Project Highlight: rebuilding St. Stephen’s Anglican Church after 2011 flooding.


After days of heavy rain in July 2011, the Paraiba River overflowed its banks, devastating 26 cities and leaving over 12,000 people homeless. The government immediately declared a state of emergency, but for many in northeastern Brazil–already the poorest region in the country–the destruction was overwhelming.

 In the town of Itapua homes were swept away and other buildings damaged or destroyed including St. Stephen’s Anglican Church which was condemned by the government and demolished soon after the flood waters subsided. This was a significant loss for the people of Itapua. St. Stephen’s had long played a central role in mobilizing and uniting this rural community, offering worship services, agricultural training, Bible studies, meals, classes for women, and events for children… <Read More>

 Would you join us as we partner with our Brazilian brothers and sisters?

A Look at Seven Years of Careful Stewardship

When you make a donation to ARDF, you can be confident that every dollar will be carefully and strategically invested in high-impact projects designed to permanently transform the lives of the world’s poorest people and introduce them to the love of Christ.

By God’s grace, ARDF has been privileged to partner with local Anglican churches in 32 countries to complete 124 sustainable development projects worth more than $5.7 million over the last seven years. On top of this, over $950,000 has been directed towards urgent disaster relief globally. Our unique approach to philanthropy has produced a growing track record ofproven results.

These new numbers were released at ARDF’s National Trustees meeting on February 5 which took place in El Paso, Texas alongside meetings of the ACNA Archbishop’s Cabinet and the ACNA Executive Committee at St. Clement’s Church. The ARDF Trustees discussed the progress of approved projects and made plans for the upcoming Global ARDF Trustees meeting in Nairobi in April. St. Clement’s Parish School Choir sang special music for the event:

The St. Clement’s Parish School Choir with Archbishop Robert Duncan and The Rev. Bill Cobb.


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