New Study Beginning on Revelation

Beginning tonight and running for as long as only the Lord knows, we will be studying The Revelation of Jesus Christ on Wednesday nights at Redeemer. This is exciting for me; I have known for some time that it was coming and have been studying and praying. This does not mean, though, that I feel at all prepared. One anticipates that first splash into the ocean in early summer, but it still shocks and takes the breath.

Revelation is a spooky, beautiful, triumphant, haunting book. And it is interpreted in very different ways by very different Christians. For this one-time dispensationalist pre-tribber turned classical Anglican, teaching this book is both a real treat and real occasion for intimidation. For Anglicans, the book is a mystery. It barely factors into our lectionaries but serves as the foundation for our view of worship and supplies the imagery for a huge amount of our hymnody!

You can be sure that our treatment will address the scary stuff but will focus on the triumph of the Lamb, the overcoming of the Church, and the worship of the heavenly saints. You will not come away from this study with a chart for the end times cross-referenced to today’s headlines. You will, though walk away with a sense of Christ’s victory and an understanding of how we are to worship and to walk in prophetic witness in this evil age.

I plan to record our classes, so I’ll keep y’all posted on how to access the recordings.


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