New Resource from Father Paul

Last year the Lord raised an(other) issue for us that I never would have anticipated writing about: the Bible passage that requires men to pray with heads uncovered and women with heads covered. I know, I know, “We don’t have to do that anymore.” But does the passage itself give us that “out,” or is that our secularist culture talking?

As I studied and taught about the passage, I discovered that 1 Corinthians 11 offers insight into what it means to be Christian men and women, insights our culture is sorely lacking. The passage also gives us perspective on the matter of women in ministry. These are challenging issues for an American culture in which even many Christians have abandoned the ancient and scriptural practices and understandings that keep families and churches grounded in the truth.

The matter of head covering is not an Anglo-catholic or Roman Catholic issue. It is not a matter of personal preference or devotion. It is a matter of obedience to the Word of God and submission to our right callings in grace. I cringed when the issue first came up in my heart and then within the parish: what will folks think if I start teaching the words of Saint Paul on this issue? Now I rejoice in the power of this passage of God’s Word to liberate us from the gender confusion our culture is mired in.

Click on the image to order your copy of Because of the Angels, the fruit of my study and a call to biblical manhood and womanhood in divine worship.


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