Who’s Who

The Right Reverend Daniel Morse is our bishop. He oversees the Central States Diocese of the Reformed Episcopal Church as its first Bishop Ordinary and sits in their House of Bishops as well as that of the Anglican Church in North America. He is the bishop who received Father Paul and ordained him to the presbyterate. Bishop Dan has been an excellent over-shepherd to our congregation, and we are proud to have him as our “reverend father in God”, as the prayer book calls him. He resides in Nashville, Tennessee.


IMG_0572The Reverend Doctor Paul Edgerton is our vicar. Originally of Newport News, Va, Fr. Paul came to Wilson in 2002 to be near family. He married Christie, a missionary and elementary school teacher (and very patient woman) in 2006.  Soon thereafter they began the transition to the Anglican way of faith. Fr. Paul teaches English at Hunt High School, and Christie now works with a mental health services provider in Wilson.

In September of 2008 Fr. Paul, who had served in ordained ministry for nine years in another tradition, was received and then ordained a presbyter in the Reformed Episcopal Church.  He considers this ordination one of the most precious gifts in his life. At the behest of Bishop Daniel Morse, Fr. Paul and Christie were commissioned to lay the foundation for an Anglican parish here in Wilson.

The Church of the Redeemer seeks to bring together the rich sacramental worship of the Church catholic, an evangelical love of Christ and obedience to the Scriptures, and an earnest desire for the ministry of the Holy Spirit and his gifts in service of the Father’s renewal of the whole creation.

Since planting the church, Fr. Paul and Christie have had three children. Isaac, Elizabeth, and Josiah were all baptized at the Church of the Redeemer and continue to keep us laughing.

Fr. Paul’s initial training for ministry was at East Coast Bible College (Lee University) and his divinity degree earned at the Church of God Theological Seminary in 2000. He received his doctorate from the Robert E. Webber Institute for Worship Studies in 2013. In 2015 completed studies in Anglican theology at the Reformed Episcopal Church’s Cranmer Theological House. Within the diocese, Fr. Paul serves on the Standing Committee, chairs the Nominations Committee, and is an Examining Chaplain for postulants to ministerial orders.

Call or write Fr. Paul at:  252.230.8754     paul.edgerton@yahoo.com


Tyler Crocker, our beloved pianist and Assistant Worship Director, has been a true blessing to Redeemer from the first Bible study Fr. Paul and Christie held in their home. Tyler was raised in Lucama and is a graduate of Hunt High School here in Wilson. He is the owner and operator of Crocker’s Lawn Care. He has served as a church pianist since his early teen years. Having already come to know the Lord through his Baptist upbringing, he “converted” to the Anglican form of the faith as an adult. A charter member of our fellowship, Tyler was confirmed by Bishop Daniel Morse at our first service held at Winstead UMC in December 2008. In recent years Tyler has grown into an incredibly versatile pianist and minister, assists Fr. Paul in conference settings teaching “ancient-future worship” practices, and travels internationally. His CD of original compostitions and worship arrangements is available at tylercrockermusic.com.


The Vestry (or, because we are a mission rather than a full parish, the Bishop’s Council) is the lay body that governs the financial and business affairs of the church. Our Senior Warden is Brittney Mercer, our Junior Warden is Tyler Crocker. Using her bookkeeping and banking experience, paired with a meticulous scrupulosity, Candy Edgerton is our Treasurer.

Various lay ministers lead aspects of our church’s worship and ministries. Our Children’s Ministries Director is Christie Edgerton. Within the Worship Guild our Lead Acolyte is Ryan Mercer, our Lead Lector is Secora Pickett, and our Lead Usher/Greeter is Brittney Mercer.


2 thoughts on “Who’s Who”

  1. Father Paul,
    Under another tab on this site you mention your Pentecostal upbringing. Would you kindly tell us something about that. The spiritual life of children has always been of interest to me.



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