Healing Prayer and Counseling

Father Paul offers counseling and healing prayer as part of his ministry to the community and also wants to teach healing prayer practices to those interested. He is also a facilitator of the Prepare-Enrich assessment for pre-marital and married couples.

We believe that all Christians are called to continual repentance, renewal, and growth in grace. We have seen the grace of God transform lives and relationships. There are practices in prayer and spiritual direction that the Church has always recognized as means by which the Holy Spirit helps the soul progress in relationship with God in Christ.

We also believe that every believer who receives healing should progress and become a minister of healing to others. Whether you are a member of Redeemer or any other Christian church, we would like to help you learn to experience and minister in:


Prayer for the healing of painful memories


Prayer for deliverance

Prayer for physical healing

Praying the Scriptures

Praying to discern the will of God


Prayers of blessing

Healing in Worship and Holy Communion

One of our goals is to build teams of ordinary Christians who minister in healing so that the Body of Christ is healed and in turn offers healing. If you are in need of healing and/or feel called to minister in God’s healing grace, we would like to hear from you.

Contact Father Paul at paul.edgerton@yahoo.com or come and worship the Lord with us!